David Gibbs Alvey
Born May 3, 1960 in Kansas City, Kansas
Married to Ann Marie Menkal, July 11, 1992
Five children: Juliana (22), Christiana (21), Joseph (19), Mariana (16), Analisa (12)
Lives in the Turner area of Kansas City, Kansas
Professional Experience
My employment experiences since 1990 have been fundamentally entrepreneurial and
administrative in nature. I have become adept at taking on undeveloped and underdeveloped
(even chaotic) programs, and restructuring them so as to create sustainable programs that are
formative of others. I have accomplished this through consistent, focused, and sustained
conversations with stakeholders in the programs, affirming their good desires to succeed and
providing necessary support. In short, I have an ardent desire to enter into any situation that is
dysfunctional and work with others to improve it.
Employment History
2013- Present: Assistant Principal for Faculty Formation at Rockhurst High School in Kansas
City, Missouri.
Primary responsibilities include the development, implementation and evaluation of professional
and spiritual development programs for Rockhurst High School faculty, staff and administration.
1994- 2013- Dean of Students at Rockhurst High School.
Primary responsibilities included the development, communication, and enforcement of student
discipline and attendance.
1990-1994: Director, Student Support Program of Full Circle Programs, Inc., Marin County, CA.
Primary responsibilities included the development, implementation, and evaluation of academic
and social support programs for students at risk of dropping out of the Tamalpais Union High
School District.
Public Service Experiences
2015- Present: Member of the Board of the Turner Community Connection (a neighborhood
business revitalization group).
2009- Present: Member of the Kansas City (Kansas) Board of Public Utilities. The Board of
Public Utilities provides water and power to the residents of Kansas City, Kansas.
Board President: 2012-2014
Board Vice-President 2013-2014
Board Secretary 2012-2013
2011-Present: Regional Representative, Policymakers Council of the American Public Power
Association, Crystal City, VA.
2003-2009: Member, Planning and Zoning Commission of the Unified Government of
Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas
Areas of Expertise
As one responsible for the formation of others, whether adolescents or adults, I have grown to
appreciate how important it is not only to listen to others, but to help them to listen to
themselves, that is, to listen to their frustrations and problems, but also to their own good
desires, talents and gifts. In so doing an individual is progressively freed to make the good
choices that they need in order to face their difficulties and thus to grow and succeed. This
process is fundamental to the growth of any organization as well, for it is the individuals in an
organization who either drive or impede its growth..
1995-1997: Completed 15 (fifteen) hours of graduate work in Public Administration at the
University of Missouri-Kansas City
1988-1990: Completed 30 (thirty) hours of graduate work at the Jesuit School of Theology at
the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley, CA.
1987: Completed 24 (twenty-four) hours of undergraduate work in secondary education at
Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI.
1985: Graduated, Summa Cum Laude, Philosophy and Letters, Saint Louis University, St.
Louis, MO.
1984: Completed 30 (thirty) hours in humanities studies at Creighton University, Omaha, NE.
Formational Experiences
1980- 1990: In training for ordination to the priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church; member
of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Training in the Jesuits included a completion of a total of 184
(one hundred and eighty-four) hours of undergraduate coursework (including those listed
above). Training also included:
● annual eight-day spiritual retreats
● one 30 (thirty) day silent retreat
● in-house studies
● Spanish language immersion at Universal Language Institute, Cuernavaca, Mexico.
● service to the community: four months teaching in Corozal, Belize; one year volunteer
work with the staff at the St. Louis Association of Community Organizations; four months
full-time work at the Little Sisters of the Poor nursing home in Denver, CO; two summers
full-time work as a camp counselor at Camp Santa Maria, Bailey, CO; one summer as
camp cook at Camp Buford, Alpine, WY; two years of ministry with Oakland Catholic
Charities to the residents of the Alameda County Juvenile Detention Facility in San
Leandro, CA; three years work as a teacher and coach at Rockhurst High School; one
summer as recruiter and director of the Rockhurst Enrichment Program for inner-city