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“If elected Mayor I will bring my passion for honest, smart government to the Unified Government. I will fight constantly to make sure that our government does what any government should do: provide good services to its citizens without burdening them with unnecessary taxes, fees, or other costs. My goal is to give our residents, each and every day, another reason to be proud of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas.”


Keep the promises made during the fight for consolidation and provide our citizens with good government, quality services and meaningful tax relief.



David was born and raised in Wyandotte County, even raising his several children here in the Wyandotte community. Family is an important part of what motivated David to run for Mayor/CEO of KCK and Wyandotte County. David continues to serve our community as a husband, father, and a teacher. He shares the Wyandotte work ethic and our values of honesty, integrity, and hard work.

Fiscal Responsibility

David’s background in management and professional development will help him cut waste in government and provide quality services for all Wyandotte County residents. We all deserve a Mayor who will bring common sense leadership and fiscal responsibility back to City Hall. With all the positive growth and investment taking place in our community, David believes that we should take advantage of that new development and reinvest those revenues back into Wyandotte County.

Compassionate Leadership

David knows that the people of Wyandotte County are frustrated with business as usual at City Hall. As he speaks to people throughout the area, he has been listening. If elected as the next Mayor of Wyandotte County, David promises to listen. He’ll serve full-time as Mayor and focus on the needs of each and every taxpayer.


Reduce Taxes & Wasteful Spending

One of David’s top priority as Mayor would be to reduce or eliminate the PILOT. He believes that the UG should fulfill its promise of lowering the PILOT back down to 7.9%. More investment into Wyandotte County also means more property tax revenue generated, and as Mayor, David believes we can take advantage of that new revenue to reduce the property tax burden on Wyandotte County residents. Big businesses from out-of-town should not be given special deals while Wyandotte County families struggle to pay their utility bills.

Reinvest in Wyandotte Families & Neighborhoods

For too long, neighborhoods and Wyandotte residents have been neglected. If elected Mayor, David will prioritize new development projects based on need. That means building more grocery stores, not another YMCA. More tax revenue should also mean that our county budget doesn’t leave police and firefighters out in the cold. We should be dedicating more resources to public safety so we can keep our neighborhoods safe. David will use his background in professional development and faculty planning to better manage the budget and provide better services for less.

Restore Trust & Communication

David would bring professionalism back to the Mayor’s office. We deserve a Mayor who will listen to residents and treat all people with respect. David promises to work with all public servants in a way that promotes good government and provides fair representation to all of Wyandotte County. He will communicate and restore trust in local government by focusing on open, honest ideas and respectful engagement with the community.

If you would like more details about David Alvey’s platform…


David Alvey Expands Campaign Team for KCK Mayor’s Race

David Alvey’s Campaign for Mayor Builds Momentum After Successful Primary

Kansas City, KS – On Friday, KCK mayoral candidate and BPU Board Member David Alvey announced that he will be expanding his campaign team after advancing to the general election this November.

“I’m very confident about the team we’ve assembled and I’m encouraged by the support that we’ve received thus far,” said David Alvey. “I could not be more thankful to the team members who have been with us from the beginning, but I’m also looking forward to adding new ideas and forward-thinking to our campaign.”

Juliana Alvey will be serving as Campaign Chair. The campaign has also hired TJP Strategies, an award-winning strategic consulting firm founded by Patrick D. Shami, to oversee the campaign’s strategy and voter outreach.

“With all the investment taking place, this is a really great time for the Dotte” said Alvey. “I’m excited to ensure that this development generates real revenues to serve all areas of Wyandotte County. I’m committed to providing quality services to all residents, including better public safety and strong neighborhoods, while reducing the amount residents pay in real tax dollars.”

David Alvey currently serves as an at-large member of the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, and as a member of the Turner Community Connection, and the Assistant Principal for Faculty Formation at Rockhurst High School, where he leads the professional development of Rockhurst faculty. Alvey has been a lifelong resident of Wyandotte County.

Contact Juliana Alvey at (913) 593-7251 or alvey.juliana@gmail.com

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